Friday, July 21, 2006

DC wisdom

Someone whose judgment I really trust recommended a book awhile back. This was one of those books that has been around a long time, sold zillions of copies, etc. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Based on his recommendation, I picked it up and am almost finished reading it. Wow. Talk about lessons!

The hokey title did not appeal to me at all. I love to read but I was never interested in winning friends and influencing people. I just wish I had been taught a course based on this book back when I was a young youth:) The grief I could have saved myself!

I will spend the rest of my life working on applying the things I have just read. This is not a book to read. This is a book to absorb and practice; the skills learned make for graceful living, mastery of human relations. I love it. Even though some of the stories and language are a bit dated, the wisdom is timeless.

I would love to hear what your experience has been with this book. If you haven't read it and integrated its wisdom into your daily practice, I think you are missing something. Am I overstating?