Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Little know Pubs

No, this is not referring to cool dive bars you haven't discovered:) It is referring to the great work of Doug Marman who I referred to in my articles about how to find God. I wanted to include this link most prominently so it is easy to find:

How to Find God, Part 2

Note: I published part 1 of this series on AC:
I offered them an exclusive on Part 2, but their offer was so paltry that I decided to just publish it on my blog here. So if you haven't read part 1, this article will make more sense if you do that first.

How to Find God, Part Two.
Reconsider the HU

I never dreamed when I wrote the original article that it would create the little hotbed of controversy that it did. Twenty-four comments and counting as of this writing. The only responsible thing to do will be to write this follow up.

I think that slightly more heat than light was generated by all the comments, and I would like to remedy that situation if I can. People can get passionate about this subject but in order to view it clearly some detachment is necessary.

It is important for me to reiterate what I said at the beginning of my original article. One’s spiritual life is a very subjective business and no one can tell you what is right for you. Only you can determine that for yourself.

First let me settle one simple controversy. I am an Eckist, a member of Eckankar and have been for almost 40 years in this life. But let me again remind you of this: we do not evangelize in Eckankar! It is not for everybody that’s for sure. Only you can determine what is right for you! All I want to do is share my own experience. You have to reach your own conclusions.

The modern controversy surrounding Eckankar has created such a smoke screen for the seeker that only the most determined truth seeker will penetrate it. In order to help you do this; I included the work of Doug Marman in my resources. He has written very insightfully on this whole issue and I highly recommend reading his work if this topic interests you.

I did not mention Eckankar in the original article because I wanted to keep the emphasis simply on the process of getting in touch with your own divine nature. I again call your attention to the ancient word HU, because it is an elegant and precise tool for doing just that.

It is absolutely essential in matters of the Spirit to have your own personal experience. Reading about it in books or hearing someone talk about it may be helpful, but ultimately you must have your own experience in order to discover the validity of what is being read or heard.

This is why chanting the HU can be so useful. By having your own personal experience with Spirit, you can cut to the heart of this whole debate. Ultimately, it is necessary to transcend the mind and chanting HU is one of the most efficient ways to get there.

If you allow yourself to be put off or discouraged by the Naysayers on the path, you cannot be considered a real seeker. Find your own answers, have your own experience, and then you will know.

One of the most refreshing aspects of Eckankar is that it is not based upon belief. You need not take anyone’s word for anything. Authority is not contained in any external media. You are your own truth. You reach your own conclusions based upon your own experience.

I was privileged to know Paul Twitchell when he was alive, and I have also been privileged to know the current living ECK Master, Harold Klemp. No one can take away from me what my own experiences have been with them. Again I encourage you to have your own experience. Don’t be turned away based upon some third party whose voice and agenda may not be in your best interest.

When I first heard about Eckankar, Paul Twitchell had an approach that appealed greatly to my scientific bent. He suggested I take the idea that I was Soul as a working hypothesis, and test it by doing spiritual exercises.

Chanting the HU is just one possible exercise; there are hundreds more suggested in the writings of ECK. What happened to me was that I finally experienced myself as Soul. Once I had that experience, I knew! Nothing could take that away from me. This is what Eckankar is really all about, finding that experience. Once you have that experience, you know. End of story!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wake up call

I grew up in a kind of utopian community called York Center Community co-operative. One of my neighbors was Terry Patten who is living an exciting life. He is currently on a citizen diplomacy mission in Iran sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He has a great blog which I heartily recommend you explore.

This blog has been a wake up call for me. I love the way that Terry is active and engaged and it challenges me to do likewise with my own life. I feel like I have some more serious writing to do and reading this blog has inspired me to get to it! Thanks Terry!