Sunday, February 25, 2007

Project Payday

This morning against my better judgement I responded to a website with the title of the subject. It made a nice pitch and offered the option of getting the program for free by accepting an offer from the list of offers. I looked over the list and chose BlogToolKit for obvious reasons. It offered a trial for $1.95 which was easy to accept but I didn't find out until after I had submitted my CC number that after 14 days I would be charged $39.95 a month. Of course I had the option of cancelling, but to not disclose all the terms of the deal before I was asked to sign up is dirty pool, it's unethical.

I don't understand why merchants pull these kinds of stunts. How can they engender confidence in their materials if you immediately feel like you have been manipulated?

Not only that, but I still haven't heard from Project Payday with how to access their materials. Perhaps this notice will come; it has only been a few hours, so I will reserve my judgment here. But this was certainly not an auspicious beginning, and with Mercury retrograde I have a policy of not beginning new projects, so I should have known better anyway!


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