Monday, July 21, 2014

Squeaky Fans, Getting some Zees, and a Waking Dream Earwig

I have a broken old fan that still works but sometimes I have to give the motor a push start on the blades when I turn it on. Its other problem is that it tends to squeak if not positioned properly and of course if it runs a long time unattended, the vibration tends to move it around until it starts to squeak again.

This morning it was squeaking like a banshee and woke me up. I looked at my digital clock and it said 4:43. I had to smile because I know that multiple same numbers, according to Doreen Virtue and others who commune regularly with Angels, are an indication of the presence of angels who move our attention to the multiple numbers to remind us of the constant presence of God.

So I sat there contemplating the clock until it popped over to 4:44. Nice way to start the day!

The artist and writer in me loves to work in the cool and stillness of the night. I had gotten enough rest for the moment so I was ready to start my day. One of the major perks of being retired and self-employed when I do work, is that I get to totally make my own schedule. The only time I have to be concerned is when I need to coordinate with a consensual-reality timed event.

Like for instance I know I have a webinar scheduled for 9 AM today. No problem, and I wouldn't be surprised if I want to lie back down after it is over to catch a few more Zees.

As an Eckist, we have to smile at the special meaning of “catching some Zees”. Our spiritual leader in Eckankar has a special Inner Name: Wah Z which is often shortened to just “Z”. So when we sleep and catch some Zees, that means we are hanging out with the Master in the dream state, more than likely at some cool place like a Golden Wisdom Temple on a higher plane somewhere.

These dream state experiences are very real, and a really conscientious Eckist will write down his experiences in his dream journal as soon as he wakes up. If the meaning of the dream doesn't occur to you right away, having captured it on paper, we know that in a few days a good interpretation will filter through.

And for those of us active on social networks, sharing our dreams, whether sleeping or waking with our crew of ECKists on FB for instance, can often lead to a good interpretation from a fellow Eckist.

An example: I have gotten into the habit of making a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade to drink when I wake up. Out of juicer crawled a very healthy looking earwig who just kinda sat there and waited, as if saying to me, “Get it?”

I did get the feeling from this that I was in the presence of a waking dream whose significance was greater than what appeared on the surface. Since the bug was posing so obligingly, I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook.

A dozen or so Eckists offered various interpretations and I compiled the best two: Get the bugs out! Turn up the volume on your inner ear, please!