Friday, August 21, 2009


"If you don’t have an outstanding plan set for yourself in writing, you will live working for somebody else who does, and is, using you to manifest it." Mark V. Hansen

I have an aversion to planning. Being a right-brained dominant guy with a spiritual orientation, the only goals I have been able to embrace are long term spiritual ones. This is all well and good if you are willing to pay the price for this kind of living, but for practical material achievement in this consensual reality we share, planning and goal setting are valuable skills worth practicing.

In fact Paul Twitchell, my primary spiritual mentor, wisely pointed out that the spiritual is in danger of becoming a romantic emotion if it is not grounded in real world achievement. So the ideal solution is to find material goals that harmonize with and support your spiritual goals.

As long as we are living in this world, we need to function here and as we all know one of the keys to freedom on the physical plane is adequate cash flow.

I love spending time online and exploring cyberspace. Since I am now semi-retired and living on a meager income, I am perpetually in search of ways to increase my income. I do have some projects in front of me that offer that potential, that are directly related to who I am.

But somehow I have allowed myself to be seduced by the siren call of the moneymaking schemes I so often run across online. Yes some of them may be legitimate, its just that pursing them always entails first lining the pockets of the seducer, in essence becoming the effect of their dream.
It is certainly possible to eventually make some $ on your own terms, but you will continue in your apprenticeship until you have become a Master yourself. There is no free lunch.

For instance, most recently I purchased the right to resell an ebook that offers the possibility of making $37 for every subsequent buyer. Since you give away the ebook it sounds like a relatively easy sale.

Ah, but that is a dream! The online buyer, especially in the area of making money is the very definition of fickle, and there are plenty of objects a lot shiner than yours to catch and deflect their attention.

I learned years ago that one of the principles of advertising is that people typically need to see an ad at least seven times before they are likely to respond. That is why internet marketers want to capture your email address, put you in an autoresponder, and trust that repeated emails with variations on the same sales pitch will finally convince you.

Now the individual who sold me this goodie was nice enough to offer me an upsell in subsequent emails offering me, guess what, an autoresponder package with pre-written emails to help sell her package. No free lunch!

The real bottom line here is to find and stick to your own individual unique thing. Your unique contribution. If you allow yourself to be distracted by the shiny objects out there, you will live and learn.
Soul knows that is what it’s all about anyway:)

To shorten your learning curve, it is wise to regularly practice writing down your goals. There is a special magic in doing this, as many successful people will attest. Crystallizing your goals by putting them on paper sends a powerful message that accelerates their manifestation.

You have probably heard of the “ as if” principle. This is the idea of using the power of your imagination to experience what it would be like as if you had already achieved your goal. The more real you can make this experience, the more readily you will bring your dream into manifestation.