Monday, December 31, 2012

Epiphanies about STUFF

Someone on Freecycle was offering two years worth of current issues of Architectual Digest. I couldn't resist; I have always loved that magazine and so I requested them and was invited to pick them up.

The house where I picked them up was located in a stylish community not far from me, no surprise there. Prarie Crossing has traditional style houses and organic gardens and a nice community theatre and meeting place, an area of hip shops and the whole thing is put together with a refined sense of design. Where you would expect to find AD readers. But I digress.

The shopping bag with two years of magazines was waiting for me on the front porch when I got there. It was actually double bagged with a plastic bag and and a paper shopping bag. I found out why when I picked it up by the paper handles and they almost immediately snapped. Too heavy! The bag must have weighed 35 or 40 lbs. The plastic bag held though and I shlepped the load back to my car and home.

Something about the weight of that bag of magazines spoke to me though. In ECK we call it the Golden Tongued Wisdom. I had thought about possibly using the pictures in the magazines as a resource for making a treasure map. And I would certainly enjoy just relishing all the eye candy in those delicious expensive houses...

The thought was: "Be careful what you wish for!". I'm sure I have had incarnations with great wealth. Living in the relative poverty that I do now, I admit I do dream about having more space, and more nice things.

The weight of that bag reminded me that there is a price to pay for having more stuff. A big house and wonderful things can be a blessing but they can also be a burden. And at the very least they are a big responsibility.

The siren call of materialism surrounds us. I know better though. Somewhere there is a balance. That is what I eternally strive for:)

What I really want is more focus and simplicity in my life. I need less stuff, not more:) What do you really, really want?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


There is a system that I have been studying for several years that can save you significantly in the gas cost dept. The technology is proven, it's called water4gas. There is a kit available to suit the size of your vehicle. The investment costs can be recouped by gas savings and performance boosts in your vehicle in months, depending on the amount of driving you do. Anyone who does a serious amount of driving will benefit by this technology. Please check it out. This is my affiliate link; I wouldn't be promoting this if I didn't believe in it 110%:

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

NEW! The Venusian Trilogy

Omnec's new book is finally out! It's called the Venus Trilogy; I received my copy in the mail last week. Here is the link to the website where you can order it:

Receiving my copy of this book in the mail has been like a benevolent bomb going off in my life. Everything has changed. Just last night I did a two hour interview on a internet radio show where I talked about my life with Omnec. Here is the link to the station; you can find the show in their archives. It was recorded from 9 to 11 PM Central time,Monday Sept. 3, 2012 Eva Moore was the Host:

There is so much to say about this book. It is like the manifestation of forty + years of effort in this life. It is an elegant hardback book, with lots of full color illustrations and pictures. The publisher is a very conscientious ECKist who did a first class job.

Go get a copy of the book. I will be writing a lot more about it but what I say will be a lot more meaningful if you know the context, so read the book and watch this space:)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Survive and Thrive

Self offers a series of excellent freebies when you join their mailing list. One was particularly relevant for my readers, in fact they use the same language I used in describing the purpose of this blog. The full title of the excellent free PDF is: How to Survive and Thrive During Our Financial Crisis. Here is the link:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Joe Vitali Prosperity Affirmation Audio

I'm very interested in learning how to create and distribute a podcast. In beginning to explore the necessary technology, I made this recording of a Prosperity Affirmation that Joe Vitali wrote. Let me know how it sounds to you, thanks!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Once in a while, when I am feeling ambitious, I make little improvements in mine. This is what I had this AM: Organic rye flakes boiled for 5 minutes than poured over thawing organic raspberries and blueberries. Also, while the flakes were heating I added a tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil.

The little extra I added this AM was some grated fresh Ginger. Yum! Not only did this add some healing properties, but a great flavor too. I am going to have to make this a regular addition. Love Ginger! Finally this was all topped with a generous sprinkle of organic cinnamon. Cinnamon is another highly benevolent herb with great healing qualities and a fabulous flavor.

In conclusion, Sugmad (God) is Great!

Electric Sheep

This is a very sophisticated screen saver that uses all the best qualities of the internet to create a constantly evolving work of art. In a practical sense it functions as a free screen saver that cranks out constantly evolving abstract, moving art. I have had Webshots as my screen saver for years and was hesitant to download this, but it just adds another layer of beauty, detracts not at all.

This is contemporary art at its best, check it out:

Sunday, January 08, 2012

On Being an Artist

A fellow Eckist and a Facebook friend posted recently: “I wish I could be an artist full time.” Since that wish was painfully familiar to me, it is one I held for years, it inspired this essay. I spent most of my working life as a professional driver, mostly cabs and limos. I enjoyed the work but I felt most myself, most free and liberated when I was painting or doing collage or making mobiles. I longed to do the work full time but I could not sell artwork consistently enough to make a living. I struggled with this conundrum for years.

I also loved to play the recorder and got good enough at it that I performed in front of large audiences. I even did some interactive music with audiences. I really enjoyed making music, improvising and also playing with friends. Over the years I was involved with groups, some with strings, some with other recorders.

But my real passion was the visual arts.

During all this time I also was very devoted to my spiritual life. I did regular spiritual exercises, went to Satsang classes, and talked endlessly with friends about spiritual topics. One of the most important things I learned was that my real identity was Soul, a Spark of the Divine. All the rest was transitory, my gender, my health, my status in life, my occupation, my interests.

So I learned that it was not smart spiritually for me to get stuck in identifying myself as an artist, businessman, white man, or any other limited identity. All these categories were limited and what I was in my true identity transcended all that. I still felt pretty attached to the point of view of the artist:)

What really helped to break this loose was a conversation I had with Don Ginn one day. He told me about the attitude of people from Bali who would declare:”We have no art, we try to do everything well.” So finally, Life itself is the real art. Living life.

This year in ECK has the theme of the year of Living Gracefully. This is a perfect expression of living life as an Art!

Coming back to the individual that inspired me to write this essay, I believe she is a grade school teacher. Can there be a more sublime art than the instruction of children? As wonderful as her visual art is, as her singing is, perhaps the work she does with children may be the most sublime Spiritually.

I also have to give Don Ginn credit for really helping me to understand the value of gratitude for what you have in your life now. Appreciating what you have is the most direct path to having it expand. We know what we put our attention on is what grows in your life.

May we all grow in our appreciation of the Art of Graceful Living.