Thursday, September 20, 2012


There is a system that I have been studying for several years that can save you significantly in the gas cost dept. The technology is proven, it's called water4gas. There is a kit available to suit the size of your vehicle. The investment costs can be recouped by gas savings and performance boosts in your vehicle in months, depending on the amount of driving you do. Anyone who does a serious amount of driving will benefit by this technology. Please check it out. This is my affiliate link; I wouldn't be promoting this if I didn't believe in it 110%:

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

NEW! The Venusian Trilogy

Omnec's new book is finally out! It's called the Venus Trilogy; I received my copy in the mail last week. Here is the link to the website where you can order it:

Receiving my copy of this book in the mail has been like a benevolent bomb going off in my life. Everything has changed. Just last night I did a two hour interview on a internet radio show where I talked about my life with Omnec. Here is the link to the station; you can find the show in their archives. It was recorded from 9 to 11 PM Central time,Monday Sept. 3, 2012 Eva Moore was the Host:

There is so much to say about this book. It is like the manifestation of forty + years of effort in this life. It is an elegant hardback book, with lots of full color illustrations and pictures. The publisher is a very conscientious ECKist who did a first class job.

Go get a copy of the book. I will be writing a lot more about it but what I say will be a lot more meaningful if you know the context, so read the book and watch this space:)