Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pharmacuticals in Fish

Remember that Simpson's episode where they find a three-eyed fish in lake Springfield and present it to Mr. Burns for his dinner? I just got through reading an article by the intrepid Health Ranger, Mike Adams that sort of reminds me of that. The culprit this time is not radiation but pharmaceutical pollution:

Something like this could ruin my first spring fishing trip! I won't let it, but we do need to fight these big Pharma bastards that are ruining our health care system, polluting our bodies and our environment, the list just goes on and on.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost Spring!

I want to relish this image taken behind my building on March 12. The icy pond, the brown grass. This is the before picture, soon we will have the after! And you know what that is:) Green grass, flowing water reflecting the sky and the trees, trees agreen and oxygenating the air, yum!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about what is going on now, particularly the economic turmoil in America and around the world. People of good will everywhere want Obama to succeed but I think we make a mistake expecting political solutions to the current mess.

Obama is charismatic, has great good will, but the one guy in Washington who might have some real viable long term solutions probably doesn't have his ear. Ron Paul summarized the situation quiet succintly and poetically: "You can't unburst the bubble".

America needs to get back to integrity. We need to return to the Gold standard, both metaphorically and literally. The Fed, which has been making so much noise, is one of the real causes of the problem. We need to get rid of it altogether. Imagine how immediately the problems of inflation, deficit spending, etc. would be solved if America was not paying interest to a private corporation for every dime that is put into circulation.

But it is easy for a lowly blogger like myself to make these grand statements. What is the likelyhood of these things happening? Things will have to get a lot worse before these kind of radical solutions are even considered, if even then.

Which is why I have mixed feelings about recoveries now. America has lost its way, and Obama is a leader with intergrity whose heart is in the right place. But he doesn't have the profound understanding of how things work to really make the necessary changes.

It is up to us to adapt to the current realities. What is called for is for us to have integrity in our own lives. It comes back to what Gandhi said about being the change you want to see in the world. That's it!

I appreciate the winds of change that are blowing because we all do need to reexamine our values and get back to basics. That's a good thing. Life is simple and if our current difficulties motivate us to reduce the noise in our life and do only what we need to do, then they are serving their purpose spiritually.

Life is about learning to love. All the rest is distraction. Hard times may require us to reduce our distractions just so we can survive. If we have families, we want to take care of them. So we readjust our priorities and take care of business first.

Its all good:)