Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grasshopper Food

Still questing in pursuit of that lovely carrot, online income. I recently discovered a very simple system that I liked enough to invest in. I bought the domain in the title because this site answers the question posed by my blog name, What Now Grasshopper?

Please check it out and I really would appreciate your feedback! Not to mention buying:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Three Radical Steps to change yourself and the world

This post was inspired by a small errand I ran earlier last evening. I picked up a prescription for my ex-wife at Wal Mart. This got me to thinking and so I will present the three steps with attendant explanations:

1) Stop using drugs, both prescription and other. Allopathic medicine, prescription drugs are a non-holistic approach to healing. It does not address the real causes of an illness, only treats the symptoms.

They are too expensive, frequently cause as many problems as they solve, and do not provide any long term healing. They just mask or suppress symptoms. They are based on fear, ignorance and often laziness since more holistic solutions often require more effort and discipline.

2) Stop shopping at Wal Mart. Wal Mart’s labor practices have been proven to be exploitative. In a market economy your vote with your dollars is at least as important, and probably more important than your vote at the ballot box.

Saving money by shopping at Wal Mart is another example of short term, non-holistic thinking. If you see the bigger picture, you do not want to support institutions like this corporation.

And buying drugs is another way of voting with your dollars. You are voting for expensive, non-holistic solutions that keep you trapped in a lower state of consciousness.

3) Adapt some regular Spiritual practice. In fact this should be number one on this list, but if you have read this far perhaps you understand why I put it third. What I am talking about is spending twenty or thirty minutes a day on a regular basis expanding your consciousness.

You choose the method. Be it yoga, prayer, meditation, contemplation; whatever is suitable for you. Regular practice, even if you don’t want to call it Spiritual, is the most direct and profound way to expand your consciousness.

It may seem that these three are unrelated and if you do understand the connection, I salute you. There is sufficient juice in any one of these ideas to write a book about at the very least. But there are already shelves of these books written. I just wanted to stimulate a little thought and perhaps even some action:)