Thursday, June 25, 2009

Think Yourself Thin

This is the title of a book I have been reading by Debbie Johnson. Debbie is a fairly prolific author who is a fellow member of my church. I have read another book of hers that address Dreams and she has a clear writing style that communicates well.

In this book she applies spiritual principles to the problem of weight loss and I am finding it very appealing and making a lot of good sense. Most people who have tried diets and failed would appreciate her approach which contains no dietary prescriptions, no exercise regimes, nothing on that level.

Her approach is dealing with your self image and getting you to change the thoughts you think about your self. You have probably heard of the "As If" principle, she applies it. The idea is when your subconscious accepts a new thinner image of yourself, you tend to naturally change your life style to make this new reality manifest.

There is no doubt this approach works and perhaps anyone who successfully loses weight and keeps it off has somehow done this inner work anyway, regardless of what other behavioral modifications they have made.

I am finding that just in the few weeks since I started reading the book that this is exactly what is happening with me. I love the approach, so organic and natural.

Debbie had this book published in a regular trade paperback but it is currently out of print. She is offering it as an ebook now on her website but if you don't mind a used copy its actually cheaper to go to Amazon and buy it there, where used copies are still available. I think ebooks should be much less expensive than what she is asking.

But make no mistake, the information she passes on in this book is valuable and effective and worth the cost. Like any do-it-yourself book, the real work comes in actually conscientiously implementing her suggestions.

If you like the Law of Attraction and that approach, this will appeal to you. I recommend this book!