Monday, May 03, 2010

UFO, From Venus I Came

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to buy this long out of print book? Omnec has given me permission to release a new version of the book as a CDR, readable on your PC. The original book was scanned onto disc, along with the illustrations. As a bonus, there are some wonderful paintings by Gilbert Williams that have been added that nicely compliment the text.

The original book is 280 pages, and it is all here, plus the bonus pages. If you have a CD reader on your computer you are good to go. All you do is insert the disc. If a little box appears you chose the option "View as a slide show". The cover will appear and then you can just read at your own pace. What you see are scans of the printed page.

This is not an audio CD, just to be perfectly clear. It is all visual.

My intention is to eventually make a down-loadable version available, as well as a print version. To that end, I am releasing this version to people I know as a way to begin to make it available and to raise funds for this next stage of the project.

You can purchase now by clicking on the donate button. Choose any amount, minimum $25. Don't forget to fill in your street address when you make the purchase so I know where to send it. In the box marked special instructions please write. "I promise not to copy this disc or reproduce it in any form". Your transaction won't be processed without this promise! (You can still print out the book for your own use.)
I will ship your disc within 24 hours via USPS 1st class. Thanks!

Here is a website my son and some friends in Germany have put up: