Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Merkaba Market

This was the Grayslake, IL Farmer's Market this perfect summer afternoon. It felt like the best of America as I bought organic produce and some Artisan cheese, strolling among the happy throngs of families, parents pushing strollers, lots of dogs on leashes, many seniors and kids, lots of commerce and everyone just happy to be there and enjoying the glorious day.

Merkaba got into the title in honor of the rare cosmic event that is occurring now in the heavens, where the planets are forming a Grand Sextile that looks like a Cosmic Six pointed star with the planets at each tip. There is too much information about this to include in this brief blog post, but it is a fascinating topic for research. Here is one very juicy perspective:

I would also recommend you look up the work of Laura Magdalene Eisenhower who had this to say about this time we are living in right now:

"This week, many energies might try and keep us from what is available to make our dreams, hopes and deepest longings come true - start with self love and deep gratitude for this whole experience to stay on track.

Self love is choosing to give to yourself rather than engage in any form of self destruction - whether it be an addiction, a lower way of relating to others or engaging in endless distractions to avoid our inner world.

Self-love is choosing to embrace rather than reject and to feel deeply, rather than deny.

This enhances how we communicate with others. It gives them love because you first gave it to yourself. If we seek it externally, we require the validation of others to have self worth, rather than feel our own worth. When we feel our own worth, we recognize the treasures that we have to offer and without effort, they fulfill us and they are shared.

In that moment you could reach for alcohol, a cigarette, a drug, a depressing outlook or an escape - reach for nourishment from food, a creative outlet, a walk in nature or an embrace from your own heart.

Every aspect of our journey counts in helping us to emerge as our true divine self, from the most awful experiences to the best. The wisdom and love that we embody frees us from sinister forces that want us to choose our destruction rather than our elation, transformation and joy... Be that force and watch the magic happen...

Those who have really lived on the edge of death to serve their mission or passion, know that the little things don't need to get the best of us, it's enough to just breathe, persevere and feel Spirit and the Earth beneath our feet.

Let's not take anything for granted."