Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gambling gig

For months now I have been receiving a trickle of income from an online gambling gig that I stumbled upon. Most people think it is too good to be true when they first hear about it; you get $ to gamble in online casinos and poker rooms. Usually the amounts are around $50; the casinos normally give you matching amounts just for joining.

You submit a very short mostly multiple choice report after you are done, which means you either lost or won some $. If you win you get to keep your winnings but must return the stake.

That's it! It is fun if you like to gamble, and there is a chance you can actually win some $ although the casinos do not make that easy. Because they usually match your deposit with their own money, they require you to win a minimum amount before you can withdraw anything. The amount is large enough that you have to be really good or really lucky or both to actually get to the point where you can withdraw winnings.

For me the $s have come from the folks I have referred to weekly wager, the company sponsoring the project. They have been very reliable about paying for each person that I refer that completes at least two casino reports.

It has been an easy and fun gig. Mostly it has wetted my appetite for more professional online marketing efforts. I love the idea of establishing multiple sources of passive income online. How about you?

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