Friday, January 11, 2008

My Ex-wife was born on Venus

I’m guessing that most of you who read the title of this article might be thinking that it is a set up for a joke. In fact it’s no joke. Her Venusian name is Omnec Onec. If you have not heard her story, you might want to continue reading this little introduction.

We met on Wells Street, Chicago during the hippie era in the middle 60’s. She and her girlfriend were playing at shooting hippies with toy rifles. I watched this little melodrama unfold.

Some of the hippies would play along and fall to the ground. The cops stopped her and checked out her weapons and discovered they were toys and told her to cease and desist.
After they drove down the street, the girls started up again. The cute blonde one shot me but I didn’t play her game.

I was however very attracted to her, so I walked up and introduced myself and invited her to tea. She accepted. There used to be a restaurant called the Stagecoach on the corner of North and Wells; we went in there.

She kissed me and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.
We ended up staying together for more than 10 years, marrying and having two kids together. She spent 2+ years writing an autobiography with the help of a writer friend and we had lots of wonderful adventures together.

She had a hard time getting taken seriously. Jerry Springer had her on back in the early days of his show, along with our kids and me. The theme was, What was it like to grow up with a mom who said she was from Venus.

They intended to make a mockery of her, with a panel of scientists, etc. But Sheila/Omnec impressed everyone with her dignity and the seriousness and credibility of her presentation. To this day she is the guest that has gotten the most mail in response to a show.

We split in ’76 and soon after she moved to Germany. She was taken more seriously there and spent many years giving talks, seminars and workshops all over Europe.

She managed to get featured by all the major media in Europe and basically had a career telling her story and inspiring people with her mind-blowing experience.

Visa problems and other issues now have her back in the states. I would normally be babysitting my grandsons tonight, but she is in town so I am getting a break. So here I am returning the favor by writing this little piece.

She had a two-volume, 400-page autobiography that tells her story published years ago. Currently it is out of print. If you look on Amazon, copies are selling from $400 to $2000. It is still available in German translation and there will be a Japanese translation published in ’08.

I have recently decided to again help her bring her story to a larger audience. We have had our share of differences over the years but the love bond is still strong and mutual. And I think her story is so amazing that I can’t imagine anything more important to do.

Is she authentic? I decided so many years ago, and I got important confirmations from authorities I trusted. Of course this is the sort of thing that you have to decide for yourself.

Science tells us that it is 7 or 800 degrees on the surface of Venus and the planet cannot support human habitation. NASA has probed and mapped the surface and found nothing that looks like life as we know it.

So what is the truth? Just remember that cutting edge science used to be sure that the earth was flat and that the Sun revolved around the earth. So much for science:)

I think she has an important mission and message for us all in these crazy, fast changing times. I think it is worth listening to what she has to say. You have to judge for yourself. Be sure to check out the little video excerpt of one of her talks on You Tube:


Don said...

Please tell Sheila that sends greetings, and is glad to see her health has improved. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was searching for Eckist's blogs today for a little inspiration and upliftment (home with a cold today) and came across yours. Just wanted to say that I saw that Jerry Springer episode. My DH and DS and I had just moved to Ohio for a new job (job only lasted 2 months and we moved again). We did not have our furniture unpacked except for one chair and the t.v. I remember wishing they had focused only on your ex-wife's story as the other one they had on that also said she was from Venus just felt a little odd to me (well, creepy, acutally; do you think she was for real as well?). I especially remember when Jerry asked you questions such as is this why you divorced and you said "no" and you smiled and waived to your kids. I thought it was so sweet! It seemed he was more interested in seeing if he could get a controversy going and that look on his face when you said it wasn't a problem at all was priceless. We have dial up that's only 26 kps so can't watch utubes.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I have read her story in Japanese in this year.
are you realy her ex-wife?
thats sounds great!

Jennifer said...

Hello, and thank you for posting this website. As soon as I heard the story of Omnec Onec, I knew that it was true! The planet Venus, as Omnec knows it, exists in a beautiful 5th dimensional universe. We're heading in that direction, but it will take us awhile to reach that loving state. I would love to read Omnec's (Sheila's) autobiography but can't afford to buy the book. I've checked with the local libraries and they don't have it either. Can anyone suggest where I could find, borrow, etc., a copy to read?? I would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Just Listened to Eva Moore Brockbrader's interview last evening on - likely now available on their Radio Archive page under the category of either "Bill Wood" or "Truth Revealed". I have now watched the nonsense of the Jerry Springer interview (what else could one expect from that individual), plus more of the more recent interviews with Omnec.

I'm likely to have a very strong connection myself in that my transitioned twin flame was also born on the exact same day of August 20, 1955 in which Omnec has listed as her Earth planet birthdate.

Blessings to you and Thank you for the interview last evening.


huzone said...

Thanks for your comment Free Soverign. This was a fun interview. I encourage you to read The Venus Trilogy, available here:

I think you'll enjoy it and find it enlightening. Omnec's representation of our time together is very subjective to say the least though, and I am crafting my own memoir to give my version of events

Anonymous said...

How is someone supposed to take her seriously when she was on an episode of Jerry Springer as a guest?