Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miso: Soup part two

When one writes his personal experience, what ends up on paper/the screen is always just the tip of the iceberg. There was so much more that passed through my consciousness in that hour of soup preparation that what you have read is truly the tip of the iceberg. I trust you got that from my last sentence in part 1.

I wanted to mention Miso. This is another key ingredient in my soup. I learned about Miso from Dodie Bellamy many years ago when we had a brief life together. She is a very good cook and she taught me about adding Miso to soup. Thanks Dodie!

Our little live-together ended suddenly when I asked her to leave. We're talking 35 or so years ago. I often felt like I had been cruel and brusque.

Who should request friendship on Facebook recently but Dodie. She is married and living in San Francisco and doing poetry still and looks happy. It was so cool to be reconnected; basically I always loved her and was glad we could again be friends. Of course virtual friends are not real friends, at least in my experience, but they can be, and in this case we have such old karma together its nice that it feels all healed.

To say these are extraordinary times is to repeat the obvious. But I am amazed and excited by what is happening now that the winds of change are blowing so hard and cold. I am so grateful for all the years I have studied the spiritual life.

I know how to live on nothing and be blissfully content. I don't need anything that I am not provided with and I feel such gratitude for the way my life is going.

Sure I need to lose weight, etc. etc. but on balance I am a happy camper. Here, have some soup!

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