Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stop Fluoridation!

I would like to stop buying bottled water, but from the research I have done, filtration and other processing can remove everything but Fluoride from tap.

Fluoridation is a big scam perpetrated on the public. Christopher Bryson in his book The Fluoride Deception says:
“Fluoride science
is corporate science,
fluoride science is DDT science,
it’s asbestos science,
it's tobacco science,
it’s a racket.”

The organization that is fighting the good fight is the Fluoride Action Network. Go to their website, take some action! Let's get our tap water drinkable again:


nyscof said...

Take action to stop fluoridation here:


huzone said...

Thanks for your suggestion!

huzone said...

My buddy Sammie has helpfully pointed out that internet petitions are next to useless! Read about it on Snopes:

We have to find a more effective way to take action; there are plenty!

denisfor said...

Do you know why it is so important to remove fluor from water. It contribute to the calcification process of the pineal gland (third eye) so it is blinding millions of people spiritually